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dunn-my-kidsYou may be wondering why I have a picture of my kids here. They are probably the main reason I am in taxes today. Would you like to know why? Well, with my life pretty much settled with 3 children in school, I finally had time to myself. Then at age 34 with a 10, 12, and 14 year old I discovered I was pregnant. I had worked in taxes and for an accountant for several years earlier but was enjoying my life as a stay at home mom.

But, with a new baby, and kids in braces, the bills started coming in. I fell back on what I knew and went to work for Rhodes-Murphy Income Tax Service managing an office for five years for them. Then I bought four of their franchises, 2 in 1996 and 2 in 2000 and haven’t stopped doing taxes since.

You fall in love with the ups and downs of the tax season and the numbers gets in your blood. I had a tax client that made me a picture for my desk that said, “Numbers are just my thing!” And they are! Anyway, I just thought you might want to know the story behind the name.

Here at Rhodes-Murphy Tax Service, your income taxes will be prepared by a tax professional and all of your information is guaranteed confidential. Our professional staff is dedicated to preparing your taxes accurately and completely and we provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly tax help available. The majority of my tax preparers have been with me for at least 10 years and I stand behind each and every one of them. I believe our customer service is the best around and pride myself on that. RHODES-MURPHY has been serving the CSRA for five decades due to the loyalty of our customers.

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Whether you file a 1040, 1040A or a 1040EZ, we are here to serve you. Come by or call us today!